Family Law Attorney

Southern Pines Family Lawyer

The Lorenz & Creed Law Firm handles many different types of legal cases, but some of the most complex are those that involve family law. Anytime children and families are involved, emotions can run high and it takes a special kind of attorney to represent families in crisis. If you are living in North Carolina and want to hire a qualified and experienced attorney to represent you, call the Lorenz & Creed Law Firm.

What Types Of Family Law Cases Does The Lorenz & Creed Law Firm Take?

Any case that involves family matters or disputes may fall under the category of family law. These cases may include:

Divorce: All aspects of divorce cases, including payments and distribution of assets and bills.

Child Custody: Cases involving the custody of minor children.

Child Support: Cases that require child support payments to be set up, modified or enforced.

Adoption: Cases where couples are looking to adopt privately or within an agency, cases where a couple or person wants to adopt a family member, cases where a birth parent wants to give a child up for adoption.

Paternity: Cases where a parent wants to prove or disprove paternity.

Emancipation: Cases where a child wishes to be emancipated from a parent or parents.

Termination Of Parental Rights: Cases where a parent wishes to terminate parental rights of a child or children.

Alimony: Cases where one spouse seeks financial support from the other spouse.

Equitable Distribution (Property Division): Cases that involve division of property and debt.

Mediation: Cases that involve the use of mediator to reach resolution.

Collaborative Law: Cases that involve a new and upcoming process of case resolution where the parties and attorneys share information, work in a collaborative way and pledge to stay out of court to resolve their case.

No family law case is too complicated or complex for the Lorenz & Creed Law Firm and if you need help with a family issue, you should have an attorney on your side.

Can I Really Trust An Attorney With Something So Personal?

The attorneys at the Lorenz & Creed Law Firm understand that family law cases are often extremely sensitive and you can count on your attorney to protect your privacy and your reputation during your court case. Don’t deal with such serious and emotional issues alone; get the legal assistance you need.

If you are living in Moore County, Hoke County, Scotland County, Montgomery County, Richmond County, Southern Pines, Pinehurst or Aberdeen, North Carolina and are in need of a family law attorney to help you with your case, let the Lorenz & Creed Law Firm help you. Call 910-695-8688 now.